The Bridgewater Business Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, originally formed in 1984, devoted to the interests of the business community in the Town of Bridgewater, MA. The BBA Promotes unity between Bridgewater and the business community and is committed to promoting goodwill among business owners, interacting with Town government, and encouraging growth of in-town business.

AutumnFest has grown over the years from a small celebration of our BBA membership, to one of the largest annual community and charitable events in the Town of Bridgewater. We thank our membership and the community for their ongoing support of our efforts.

This event is organized and run exclusively by the Bridgewater Business Association with the help of the Bridgewater State University – Office of University and Community Partnerships and Bridgewater business community. The BBA is not affiliated with the Town of Bridgewater.

The Bridgewater Business Association, Inc. is committed to:

Promoting Goodwill Among Business Owners

  • We encourage excellent service to townspeople.
  • We share ideas and resources with other business owners
  • We encourage Networking with other businesses
  • We have Guest speakers and social gatherings
  • We hold monthly meetings
  • We work closely with our largest neighbor, Bridgewater State University

Interacting with the Town Government

  • We are Proactive with Town Government decisions such as: sign ordinances, traffic studies, MBTA, The University, and zoning issues.
  • Providing a BBA Scholorship to a Bridgewater-Raynham Regional graduate annually.
  • Donating year round to the Town NeedyFund, the Energy Fund, the Food Bank, Christmas Toys
  • Supporting financially the Police and Fire Depts. When the need arises.
  • Supporting and working with the Community Development Office.

Encouraging Growth of In-Town Business

  • We promote, Doing Business In Bridgewater whenever possible.
  • We market through group advertisement.
  • We have seminars and workshops on issues pertinent to small business.
  • We encourage BBA, Inc. group discounts.
  • We encourage business to business referrals.
  • We hold Autumnfest, a street festival of businesses and entertainment each year in conjunction with Bridgewater State College and the Town.
  • We also hold Christmas on the Common, a holiday event centered around the children, and highlighting the comradery of local merchants each year.

We believe that it can only get better and stronger, and that it will benefit both Business and the Town it resides in.